Strong Works To Customize Your Portfolio To Suit Your Needs

Imagine having the ability to work one-on-one with a Senior Portfolio Manager to tailor your account to what is important to you? That's what Strong can provide. We work with you to help determine an optimal long-term investment strategy. Some of the considerations include:

  • Investment Objectives – What are your goals for the funds you have available for investment.
  • Time Horizon – What are your expectations for your investments vs. when you may need to begin withdrawing funds from your account for living expenses, retirement, etc.
  • Risk Tolerance – What level of risk are you comfortable with in taking? Are you more suited to be in less volatile securities vs. growth securities? Perhaps a mix of investments may be appropriate.
  • Capital Gains &Tax Burdens* – We will discuss how we can optimize taxable accounts to help minimize capital gains taxes. (In addition, always consult your tax professional about tax-related matters)
  • Restrictions – Perhaps there are personal needs or desires to take into consideration.

Your Portfolio Manager will utilize this information to provide you an analysis of what mix of investments may be the most suitable for your particular goals and needs. Over time, through frequent communication, you will have an opportunity to make changes in your investment objective as your goals or needs change.

Strong’s Investment Objectives & Strategies:

Equity Growth Objective

For clients seeking capital appreciation, Strong believes that successful results can best be achieved by the timely selection of quality investments that are expected to perform well over the long-term. Our Equity Growth accounts typically hold about fifteen carefully selected investment positions we believe offer exceptional growth potential.

We continuously monitor our investment positions with an eye on risk management. During extended periods of expected market weakness, we may decide to hold substantial cash or income-producing positions.

Growth & Income Objective

When modest capital appreciation with higher current income is preferred, Strong invests in a combination of equity, income-producing instruments, and money market funds.

Historically, accounts in this objective have often been focused on 60% toward growth, and 30% focused on income-producing instruments. This can be tailored somewhat, based upon the individual client's risk tolerance.

Call us now for your confidential, personal meeting. We look forward to talking with you.

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