Getting Started With Strong

Initial Meeting

Most clients are referred to Strong by a friend or other professional; such as an existing client, accountant, broker, estate-planning attorney, or financial planner. During the initial meeting, we discuss the client's investment situation and objectives, and determine how we can best help the client. We will explain our services to you, and discuss how we work to safeguard clients’ assets. We will also explain the three major types of investment account objectives that serve as basic platforms for our diverse portfolios, structured individually to meet the needs of each client.

Requirements To Open An Account

A minimum investment of $250,000 is required per client to open an account with Strong. There may be multiple accounts per client; such as joint, personal, trust, and IRA. There are no up-front fees to open an account.

When the client has established which type of accounts they wish to open, we ask that they bring, fax, or mail copies of recent broker or other custodial account statements. These will inform Strong of the exact account title, and the type of accounts (such as trusts, IRA’s, custodial accounts). We'll also request that you fill out our "New Client Questionnaire" to provide us more information about your entire financial situation to better serve you.

After each account has been established, the client will sign an agreement to appoint Strong Investment Management as the investment advisor with authority to buy and sell securities for each account. The client will also sign forms to open new custodial accounts (if necessary), normally with a major brokerage firm. The use of a brokerage firm provides a system of checks and balances. Strong never takes physical custody of client assets.

If the client's assets are not presently at one of our preferred custodians, the client will sign forms to transfer their securities from their current custodian to the designated new custodian. Strong’s staff will assist you with this process, and carefully monitor and expedite the transfer process; which may take from 10 to 15 business days, depending on the custodian currently holding the securities.

Working With Strong

After securities have been transferred to the custodian, Strong's Portfolio Manager will carefully evaluate each security for its merit, and sell or purchase securities to create a portfolio tuned to work toward your goals. We make new commitments of client capital judiciously, and it may take several months for a new client account to be fully invested, or to divest fully of positions transferred in depending on market conditions. We work hard to maximize returns, minimize taxes, and meet investment objectives on a highly individualized basis.

Each client will receive detailed quarterly reports from Strong and monthly reports from their third-party custodian listing all of their account holdings. Your Portfolio Manager at Strong is available to answer any questions, and provide individualized client information as needed.

At Strong, Our Success Is Tied To Your Success

Our fee structure is simple: Our fees are based upon a percentage of assets under management annually based on the size of your accounts. Unlike brokerage firms, we do not earn commissions on transactions. Basing fees on the amount of assets we manage aligns our incentives with your best interests. To put it simply, we do better when your portfolio does better. If you make less, we make less. Many clients have told us our fees are lower than what they were previously paying.

Clients frequently maintain close communication with our staff in the early months and years of a client relationship to be sure our goals match yours. In many cases, we have been managing the investments of multiple generations, and feel privileged in having earned their trust over long periods of time. We believe that easing the burden of timely investment decision-making is a large part of the value we bring to clients.

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