History About Strong Investment Management

Strong Investment Management is a corporate organization with its Senior Portfolio Manager having a lot of experience. The firm focuses on working with affluent families, foundations, trusts, and employee benefit plans. Accounts are custom managed by a seasoned Portfolio Manager providing sound investment and wealth management, always placing the best interests of the client first.

Investment Management Is A Way Of Life

“A perfect balance of both art and science defines successful investment management", says Joseph Bronson, the firm's President & Chief Investment Officer. “Economics, the stock market, and the relationship of money and responsibility were part of my family life growing up". In addition to the having extensive experience and training, Bronson believes his life experience has added significantly to their client's results. His many years of working along-side a veteran investment manager has given him the ability to make prudent investment decisions.

Bronson points out the firm was started after L.W. Engebretson, one of the company's founding portfolio managers, successfully managed investment portfolios for decades, and was Bronson's most influential mentor. Strong continues the legacy and general investment philosophies that were established many years ago. We have learned from our clients they prefer to have a firm who is truly interested in their goals, risk tolerance, and achieving above-average results, in all market conditions.

Success and Service

The company has the resources and oversight of a larger firm, including a sophisticated portfolio management system and technology platform, and access to an array of institutional research. We provide clients with a high-level of consistent service. Having a bond with each one is extremely important to us. From the moment they open an account, they are on a first name basis with our staff, rather than just an account number.

Being an employee-owned firm, we have the ability to take quick, decisive action. We do not have to go through formal committee meetings to make a decision that may be time-sensitive.


We believe transparency is key to trustworthy judgments. Strong does not physically hold the assets of any client. They are always held by a separate custodian. In addition, Strong uses a fixed-percentage fee based system, and collects no commissions since we are not a broker-dealer.

"We want our clients to know they can count on us to be there for themselves and their families for years to come", stated Bronson. "Most importantly, we want our clients to live well and prosper. It is our duty to oversee their assets today, enhance value for tomorrow, and ensure a smooth transfer to the next generation", concluded Bronson.

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