Philosophy & Policies

Consistent Investment Policies

It is the Strong Investment Management philosophy that an investor need not take unusual risks to achieve outstanding results. We work to achieve our desired objectives by making investments for our clients that we believe will be beneficial long-term for them. We maintain that successful results can best be achieved by timely selection of these investments.

Our Senior Portfolio Manager stays informed of the outlook for the economy, attractive sectors of the market, and upcoming events that may change the market's direction. These areas are critical to formulating a successful investment allocation. Such analysis helps us identify those industries and corporations that we expect to provide above-average growth rates.

Investment Practices

We often build investment positions incrementally; keeping an eye on corporate earnings, news events, interest rates, geopolitical risks, and other developments to confirm our strategy. Similarly, we aim to divest in stages as targets are realized, or when adverse developments reduce our estimates for appreciation. We believe this painstaking approach reduces risk and improves investment results.

Our Equity portfolios are generally concentrated, composed at any given time of individual stocks, exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, or similar investments; while our Growth & Income portfolios have a mix of equities, selected income-producing instruments, and cash. We believe that each investment we make is compelling on its merits and that it will contribute to the portfolio performance.


We are very hands on and results-oriented. At Strong, you will have a customized portfolio designed to meet your unique financial goals. Our experience has taught us the ability to shift assets in an effort to protect client's investments.

Our success is tied directly to yours. At Strong, we have no products to sell. 100% of our revenue comes from our attractive fee schedule from investment management services. Our fees are based solely on assets under management, not on commissions.

Economic Cycle